Laboratory tested compressed air

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Any company that makes use of compressed air in its production should adhere to the quality specifications set by the authoritative bodies. The compressed air should be tested at timely intervals in order to assess the level of contamination. Any type of contamination in the form of pathogens, dust and dirt can hamper the quality of the air, and will also result in substandard efficiency of operation. Hiring/ investing in a compressed air testing kit is one of the best ways to check the quality of compressed air.

TRI Air Testing is an AIHA accredited laboratory that offers a world class air testing facility in order to check for contamination in the air. They are well equipped with industry specific testing equipment and boast of well trained staff who assure timely turnaround once the air samples are submitted to them. Backed by over forty years of experience in the industry, they are well aware of the changing requirements that are a significant part of the reliability and accuracy of the test reports. .

TRI Air Testing has developed a unique testing kit, which is designed to collect air samples from the Point of Use (POU). As per experts in the field, it will help determine the degree of contamination of the air coming out of the compressor. The testing kit captures non pressurized sample of the compressed air, which is then used for the air analysis at TRI’s world class laboratory. This kit is quite easy to use, and comes with a set of detailed instructions, which practically enables anyone to capture and store samples of air within a few minutes. It is recommended that regular and timely testing of compressed air is necessary for adherence to health code and to ensure safety.

When loaned, the testing kit is provided with a data sheet and an instruction manual. The data sheet is entered with particulars such as the name of the company, make/ model of the compressor etc.

Once the air is collected, the entire kit is sent to the labs at TRI Air Testing, where the air samples are processed and checked for contamination. The air is tested for various compliances with a number of specifications such as NFPA, OSHA, SQF, ISO 8573, HACCP and FDA enforced cGMP. If compressed air solutions are what you are seeking, then log to to get immediate answers to your queries.


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