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aGB Review, the world’s largest processor, has always review on the computing world. After creating the Ultrabook concept to define the new thin-and-light PCs in 2011, the company continues to offer a new direction for PCs with NUC.

Right from the name of Next Unit of Computing (NUC), Intel has expressed its ambition. Although the product is primarily oriented to partners, Intel NUCs are increasingly refined and upgraded to be more attractive in terms of design and configuration.

After introducing the 6th generation Intel Core processor (Skylake) last year, Intel has also updated its NUC lineup with new processors. The product we evaluated today is codenamed NUC6i3SYH, using the Intel Core i3-6100U processor, provided by AnPhat Computer Company for a reference price of 450$.

Intel NUC is currently available in two forms: complete with Windows operating system license as NUC Rosa or barebones (NUC Kit), including basic components but no RAM, storage And operating system. The NUC6i3SYH in this review is of the second type, allowing users to choose their own storage and RAM.

The machine’s configuration includes an Intel Core i3-6200U processor, integrated Intel HD Graphics 520, 4GB of RAM, and a 240GB Kingston HyperX Fury SSD. Intel). If you add more RAM and SSD as this configuration, you will have to spend about 3.5 million more (refer to anphatpc.com.vn). The Windows 10 licensing system costs an additional $ 2 - $ 3 million; You can also use the old Windows 7 - 8 license and then upgrade to or use Linux-based operating systems to save. Once you’ve added these components, you’ve got a complete machine with a super-small size, just about the size of your hand.

Performance and practical experience

The configuration of the NUC with the U-series Core i3 processor is equivalent to a laptop that costs less than 500$. Of course you can not change the CPU or graphics built into the CPU, you can actively add more RAM, but perhaps NUC users need only 4 - 8GB of RAM. The positive point here is that you can choose the size and type of storage space to optimize your needs, for example installing an SSD into M.2 and a HDD into a SATA 3 port to optimize both speed and capacity.

With this configuration, the NUC is suitable for office work, home use or light entertainment; Can not ask for this machine to play well the majority of new games today, or fast processing, smooth graphics tasks, rendering.

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In practical experience, the NUC with the Skylake microprocessor performs very well as a writer’s day job. With four USB ports, I can plug in the mouse, keyboard, and connect two other storage devices, and the photo has a memory card slot. Thanks to WiFi support, I can easily place NUCs anywhere in the office and no need for network wiring.

Performance of the machine is enough to meet the Facebook, applications that I use daily: Web surfing, Office applications and editing, exporting photos with Lightroom or Photoshop. Integrated graphics of the machine enough to play lightweight games, does not require high configuration. I can play the Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 game at 1280 x 720 resolution, the detail level is Medium with about 50fps frame in the game, and down in cutscenes. This is the level of play, but certainly not enough “has” to satisfy the gamers.

As a computer, NUC also satisfies the needs of entertainment such as watching movies, listening to music. The configuration of the processing power of the film at Full HD resolution, HDMI port also supports 7.1 sound output, so it is compatible with the sound system. However, if only for entertainment, nowadays Android players have the advantage, by supporting more video services, listening to music over the network than NUC.

Although the body is very compact, but with the lid openings on the NUC, we can see the interior of the machine, so the heat dissipation of the machine is good even without the internal cooling fan. . When using the maximum system load in AIDA64 software, after 10 minutes, the average CPU temperature is only 76 degrees Celsius. When I touch the machine on the top and the edges, I just feel the machine. Warm rather than hot. With a processor for laptops and SSDs, the machine is also more energy-efficient than an equivalent desktop.

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