Difference between Moka pot and French press

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Moka pot vs French Press

Moka pot is basically the coffee maker. It does not tend to produce large amount of coffee but is widely used in the morning coffee making. People in western countries largely use it to make coffee in their homes. They have to put the Moka pot on the stovetop and heat it to make the coffee. They can produce coffee of one cup by using it. It allows the milk to be mixed with coffee during brewing. It is steam based stovetop espresso maker which produces the dark coffee as regular espresso. It is also known as stovetop espresso or espresso kettle.

Moka pot vs French Press

Steps to make coffee with Moka pot

Understand parts of the Moka pot: There are three chambers in the Moka pot. One chamber is for water, one is for ground and third one is for finished product. Bottom chamber is used for the water which has a pressure valve. Middle chamber is for ground coffee which you should pick it lightly. Upper chamber is the collection point of the coffee.

Clean Moka pot in the first time use: you should clean the Moka pot when using first time. Make sure all the parts of Moka pot are clean.

Coffee brewing: add water in the bottom chamber and coffee ground in the middle. Now heat it on the stovetop and adjust the temperature level so that the flame does not extend beyond the edges of the pot. Turn off the heat when it allows the cream to come out. Now pour your coffee in the cup and enjoy.

French press

This again is a coffee maker and often hailed by the coffee lover to brew the coffee. It allows all the natural protein in the grounds to be present in the final cup. It is very easy to make coffee by using it. Mostly western people use it for brewing coffee in larger amount. It does not change the taste of the natural coffee after making because it uses no filters like other coffee makers.

Making coffee with Moka pot vs French Press

Making coffee with French press is not difficult. Rather you should follow some steps.

Grind the beans and boil water: after measuring the beans, grin these beans in the grinder until they resemble bread crumbs. Then boil the water on the stovetop in kettle and then allow it to cool for 30 seconds to make the coffee. Now remove the lid and plunger in the French press and place the coffee beans and the water in it. Now mix the coffee and water in it. Then you have to steep long and press it to make the coffee gently.

Moka pot vs. French press

Larger amount of coffee can not be produced by using the Moka pot while French press is capable of producing larger amount of coffee. Taste of coffee produces by Moka pot stovetop method is different as compared to the French press coffee. Both of these are the tools to make the coffee gently.

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