Benefits of Learning English: Be Bilingual

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When we take language courses, we always think of the benefits of learning English or any other language. We have already talked enough about the different advantages of English in our lives, especially in the professional and personal field.

However, what has not been disputed that perhaps the benefits of learning English beyond the professional and personal opportunities? Have you ever meditated on the physical and mental benefits of being bilingual? Have you ever thought that maybe bilinguals have certain advantages over monolingual?

If this is the case, today’s blog is for you. I will present some of the scientifically proven advantages that people who speak more than one language on those who only know their mother language, physical, mental and emotional level. Here are the benefits of learning English and bilingual.

Since these benefits are both physical and mental kind, knowing them, probably you decide it is time to take an English course, or why not? study several languages.

As a first point, it was found that bilingual people have greater mental flexibility. That is, they are able to assimilate as many tasks than monolinguals. They also have a higher rate of assimilation. According to the study, when two or more languages are handled, the brain develops the part that handles control tasks change, making a bilingual person to have a more flexible and multitasking mental capacity. This is how bilingual people can understand and carry out more activities in less time, compared to monolingual people.

Another advantage of being bilingual is that you have more attention. People who handle two languages can better focus on their tasks and avoid distractions. According to studies, this is because since they handle two languages, should avoid mixing their structures and vocabulary. That is, bilinguals must learn to maintain better control of the use of the languages they speak without becoming confused in it.

The third benefit of being bilingual is a greater resistance to Alzheimer’s. Since bilinguals are constantly exercising your mind because this is necessary to make the exchange of the two languages, keep your brain active and flexible. Studies have shown that “mental gymnastics” is necessary and useful for preventing Alzheimer’s disease, indicating that bilingual people themselves are protected at a higher level against this disease.

A further advantage of bilingualism is that people who speak more than one language has greater storage capacity or better memory. Because of this, his ability to solve problems is higher because they are more creative and flexible when performing tasks and overcome difficulties.

The fifth benefit of being bilingual is communication skills. Speaking two languages allows the individual to have more ideas and ways to express themselves. When two or more languages are studied, it has a better ability to communicate in all these languages learned. This is the opposite of what was thought, as previously believed that speaking two or more languages communication skills of individuals would be compromised and this would be confused to express themselves. However, it turned out to be a false belief.

Another advantage of being bilingual is the ability to listen. As I mentioned earlier, bilingual people have greater ability to concentrate. With listening is the same. Thus, they are able to focus more on the messages they hear, discern and understand information more detailed and complete.

A seventh advantage of bilingualism are the personal connections that can engage. When a person communicates in more than one language, you can interact with people from different communities and languages easier. These relationships can be established within the country or abroad, as with travel facilities there now, one can find people from many parts of the world in one place. Share life experiences and mindsets is a very enriching exercise when people from other parts of the world are known. Also, having such connections is quite useful both personally and professionally.

Knowledge of culture is another benefit of being bilingual. The language and culture are joined by a very strong bond. When a foreign language, after a while you have the ability to understand this culture, traditions, rules and learn lifestyles. Each culture has a different view of the world through language it is that this view is expressed. Speak two or more languages, it allows the individual to know different views on the world and reality, enriching their design on it.

As you can see, the benefits of learning English beyond the professional and personal field. Just as exercise, bilingualism allows you to be more healthy and active person. Perhaps these are the reasons to decide today to start an English course. In this link (click here) you can find some other benefits of learning English and bilingual. Remember that it is always good to be updated in knowledge, so if you already speak English why not delve into an area such as Business English? Think about it!


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