13 Myths about Thai Handmade Jewelry

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In Thailand, there are several crafters who are home based jewelry designers. They are the ones who come up with the most innovative and contemporary designs. They have a different style of jewelry designing and making. Here are several myths about Thai handmade jewelry which are just not true:

01.The designs are copied and repetitive – When you are walking down Thailand streets and you see so many shops selling similar style of handmade jewelry, you start thinking that all designs are the same and copied. It is not true. The style of designing could be similar which makes the jewelry look the same. There are so many artists creating new designs regularly and are not copied.

02.They don’t use tools – If you think that normal string with beads are made without using any tools, then you are wrong. You will be surprised when you see the kind of tools which are used for even the simplest tasks like beading a string.

03. You can get it everywhere – If you think that the kind of jewelry which is available in Thailand markets can be found anywhere, then you are totally wrong. The style and the quality of stones and beads which are used in Thailand Jewelry cannot be obtained anywhere else.

04. Anyone can design Thailand jewelry designers are experts and have a special local skill which they possess. It is impossible for the artists of other countries to possess such talent of jewelry designing.

05. You can resell – Thailand jewelry is good for gifting or selling to your friends but the case is not very true when you try to re-sell it to strangers. In most parts of Thailand, you don’t get a quality certificate for the jewelry you buy.

06. Sale is high only on weekends and holiday time – This is just not true. Thailand jewelry is in so much demand that there are buyers for them all through the year. It is because of the stunning design and uniqueness.

07. Easy to make – This is a big myth that handmade jewelry is easy to make. Every piece that a designer makes involves effort and time.

08. Evils Eye – If the jewelry has an eye made on it, then there is a myth that it will prevent you from the devils and keep you safe. These are just old believes and no evidence to prove them right.

09. Cheap – Buyers feel that Thailand handmade jewelry is extremely cheap. The fact is that the actual cost of preparing these is extremely low due to all the resources available easily in Thailand. So, it is ok if you bargain. You should not overload your bags assuming it’s very cheap.

10. It is not gold – Thai gold jewelry is cheap but that doesn’t mean that the gold used is not pure. The gold jewelry which you get in Thailand is 96.5% pure. That is purer gold that is used to make jewelry than what you get anywhere else.

11. Baht as a weight unit is same as grams – 1 baht of gold jewelry weighs 15.16 grams. So, when you are shopping for gold jewelry in Thailand, you should not get confused. It is just a myth of thinking that 1 baht is equivalent to 1 gram.

12. Ablates quickly – Probably the gold jewelry which you have seen is worn regularly due to which it starts looking old soon.

13. Thailand filigree jewelry is good – This is absolutely false. As the Thai gold is so soft, it is not suitable for making fine wired, delicate jewelry.

There are several myths around Thai handmade jewelry. You should just ignore them and buy something that is of your choice and requirement.

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