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How do your clients find you? Every client that ever comes across your business  - be it in real world or online - does it via a specific route or way. Generally this journey is almost same for all kinds of businesses. It goes something like this….

At first your potential client somehow becomes introduced to your company/brand. This can happen via TV advert or while looking for answers to specific questions on Google and landing on your blog, or else by watching a viral video which mentions your brand.

Another stage is when your potential customer has a specific problem and he/she starts to research what kind of product or service can solve this particular problem. During the research they again get exposed to your product/service.

And lastly the potential customer finalises his/her research and makes the ultimate decision in regards to which product or service to buy.

This customer journey – from brand awareness through research to purchase – is also called “purchasing funnel”.


It is very clear now for many businesses that one of the most valuable tools to enhance the movement through the purchasing funnel towards the purchase action is to use more video in every step of the way.

In this article we will give you some ideas on how video content can be placed in various parts of the purchasing funnel in order to motivate potential customers to buy your product or service.


Almost all businesses out there are facing competition. Although there are some businesses that have a very specific niche and hold a monopoly, most businesses do have many competitors. Out of many similar businesses customers will always be more favourable to those they have heard of before. In the ocean of information, we as business people have to learn how to raise awareness of the brands we represent. And video can be a helpful tool here.

Videos suitable for this phase of purchasing funnel are as follows.

Brand films

The purpose of brand films is to raise the awareness about your brand in general. The main tool of brand films is to create a specific “feeling” or “style” which resonates with your customers and which they will associate with your brand.

TV Adverts and Promo Videos (TV and Youtube)

A traditional tool which forms an essential part of marketers’ repertoire of resources. Adverts and promo videos can be of various kinds – informative, educational, as well as raising brand awareness.

Tutorials,  Instructional Videos and “How To” Videos

These are videos which are very popular with the contemporary content marketers. People look for answers to their problems, and if your video gives them a specific answer, they will be more than willing to know more about your brand as well. It is an excellent way to expose your potential customers to your brand without being obtrusive. In addition to that, your company can become a leader and influencer in a specific field.


This is the stage of purchasing funnel where your potential clients are looking for information regarding certain problem they have. They are looking for an answer in a form of a product or service. During this time they are already showing some interest in your product or service as one of the possible solutions. This is where you can influence them with certain kinds of video and urge them to buy.

Videos suitable for this phase of purchasing funnel are as follows.

Demo Videos

Regarding physical products there is almost no other video that can be better than simple product demo video. Seeing the product “as if in real life” does a lot to convince potential customers to buy. This is why we can see for example more and more videos in clothing e-commerce stores.

Review, Testimony and Endorsement Videos

Nowadays reviews of businesses are becoming more and more important. Positive reviews can bring a lot of new customers and negative ones – destroy your business. Capturing a review, positive testimonial or endorsement on video can make it many times more influential as people always react to seeing real people give recommendations. Let your past customers tell why your business is great!

Corporate Profile, Corporate Documentary

People always give favour to companies they like. In order to make someone like your company, you can produce not only advertising videos, but also company profile video or company documentary which will give insight into the daily life of your business and your team. The positive impression potential customers will get from your company profile or documentary will most certainly amplify conversion rates and sales.


This is the stage of customer journey where they are taking the last strides towards buying your product or service. This step can be for example completing a contact form or a quotation request. This is the place where you can embed videos which explain away last worries a potential client might have.

Videos suitable for this phase of purchasing funnel are as follows.

FAQ videos

In cases where client is buying a product in a real shop it frequently happens that most specific and crucial questions are asked just moments before the actual purchase. In online situation we don’t have a sales person always present to explain all details. This is where your “Frequently Asked Questions” videos can come in handy.

“How To” Videos

Showcasing a series of “How To” videos on your final sales page can generate trust in your company/product/service as clients will be more certain you have great customer care resources to support clients even after the sales process is completed (these videos can also act as great inbound/content marketing tool).


Last stage of the purchasing funnel is when client has bought the product or service and is happy with what he/she has acquired. Hopefully this person has now become a loyal client. In many cases this happy client is now himself/herself contributing testimonials, reviews and endorsements.

Videos suitable for this phase of purchasing funnel are as follows.

“Thank You” Video For Email

If a client has left a good review of your business, send them an email containing a “Thank You” video. Such videos will also demonstrate that your primary focus is on customers and not just money. Convert your customers into devotees!


Video is a potent tool which can - if used correctly - have great impact on potential customers and nudge them towards purchasing behaviour. It must be noted that costs of video production can vary drastically. Video production London will be much more expensive than video production done by company in a less populated area. In any case - with a bit of research you will definitely find a good video production agency providing great value for money.  Most importantly - include video in your marketing strategy and be in advance of your competition!

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