15 Things Nobody Told You about Silk Jewelry Pouches

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Silk jewelry pouches are traditional China products that have recently become extremely popular due to their smart and contemporary looks. Here are certain things about silk jewelry pouches that no one else would have told you yet:

  1. Silk bags are extremely sturdy and reliable to carry jewelry or any other stuff. This is due to the silk thread used to make them. Silk thread is supposed to be very strong and can withstand even rough use. It is a fact that silk produced by insects is stronger than even steel. So, when using a silk pouch made from insect silk, you can stay assured of the quality and strength of your pouch.
  1. Silk jewelrypouches are light weighted and hence, very convenient and comfortable to carry.
  1. Silk jewelrypouches have multiple zips which act as a benefit. You have jewelry pieces of different sizes and you can segregate the pockets for different ornaments in your pouch.
  1. Silk jewelrypouches are available in bright colors and they shimmer. This is because of the prism effect of silk thread. The silk fiber refracts light at an angle that it reflects light and shines.
  1. Silk jewelrypouches can be carried in parties as they look extremely fancy. These days you can see many celebrities also carrying silk pouches at different occasions.
  1. Silk jewelrypouches available in the market are made up of either natural or artificially produced silk. You should be careful about this fact when you are out to buy silk pouches for your jewelry.
  1. Silk jewelrypouches made from natural silk are more expensive. To find out if the silk pouch is made of natural silk, you can perform a burn test.
  1. The silk pouches that are made in China are the most authentic and economical. The reason is that China is the leading manufacturer of silk in the world.
  1. Silk jewelrypouches for jewelry have a cotton lining on the inner side which stays soft on your jewelry items and does not react with them. They don’t cause any rusting or color change. Hence, they are friendly to your jewelry products.
  1. There are silk pouches in different styles available in the market. You get silk sling bags, tote bags, hand bags and much more. They all look extremely stylish and are practical to use.
  1. Ages back, silk jewelrypouches for jewelry were used only by royalties. It was a sign of wealth.
  1. Silk jewelrypouches can be easily bought at various handicraft shops all around the world. They are even available online. Silk pouches are no more a rare product which is not easily available.
  1. Silk jewelrypouches are used by people of all age groups. From youngsters to elderly people, all use silk pouches for keeping jewelry.
  1. Due to the elastic nature of the silk thread, silk pouches are stretchable. Hence, you can adjust differently shaped jewelry products also in the pouch.
  1. Silk is nature-friendly. So, by using silk pouches you are not causing any harm to the environment.

A lot of people still do not know about silk jewelry pouches as they have recently started coming in trend at Stories of Silver Silk. This article would definitely help you in knowing much more about silk jewelry pouches, which not many people are aware of.

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