Samsung Galaxy S6 Data Recovery

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Data Recovery

How often does it happen that you need to reset your phone and you have no idea where your data goes away after that? Or how many times does your Smartphone freeze to death and all your contacts, files, photos, videos, etc. are all gone? This is a common scenario for all of us who use phones that run on the Android OS. In fact, this happens in case of all Smartphones, be it any you name. But does the story end there? Is it a sad ending? No. Not at all. Not anymore.

You can find many solutions to recover the lost data on your Android device over the internet, for example recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S6, but not all of them will be effective enough. The Android Data Recovery is one tool that is the best you can find for getting back the precious data you’ve lost. This tool can be downloaded from the website at around $39.95 and then installed on the PC. The trial version can be downloaded for free but that one will have limited features.

For Samsung Galaxy S6 Data Recovery or for Data Recovery of any other smart phones, the next steps that follow are also quite easy. You need to connect your Smartphone to the PC and enable the USB debugging in the USB settings. The option for debugging will appear as soon as the device is connected to the PC. This may differ from one OS version to another but basically, it is the same. Enabling the USB debugging is very easy as it can be done by simply clicking the checkbox for debugging.

After you are done with the debugging part, you need to go for the software part. But before all, make sure your device is rooted. The Android Data Recovery  tool works only for rooted devices. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a device with which this tool is compatible and data can be recovered if lost from it. Now, talking about the software part, you need to click the option for recovery. You will know it has been done when the files and folders recovered are displayed. But another thing that must be remembered is that you must not have overwritten the deleted files because if you have done so, they will not be recovered by the tool. So, make sure you do not mishandle or meddle with the filenames or file explorer after performing factory reset of your phone.

For the Samsung Galaxy S6 and other Android devices of the same OS version, the Android Data Recovery can be easily installed and used to recover data. There are about 550 formats for which files can be recovered and the files may be contacts, SMS, WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, documents and a lot more. Some data that get lost are very precious and recovering them becomes very important considering their preciousness. The data deleted could have been stored in the phone memory, SD card, Digital cameras, etc. The Data Recovery tools available online can be used to recover data from any of those memory devices. The Data Recovery can be used in four modes- Wizard Mode, Lost File Recovery Mode, Partition Mode and the Raw Recovery Mode. All these modes are easy to use and will be used depending on the types of files lost or the type of recovery desired. So, now do not worry of the files that got lost, either due to your mistake or your desperation.

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