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Finding an authentic Japanese sword is a hassle indeed. Finding a real Japanese sword that is accurate in every way is a bigger hassle. The rise in the West’s interest in Japanese Katana has spiraled a number of cheap rip offs who manufacture fake swords using stainless steel that is no match for the original sword forged from carbon steel.

Nihonto Japanese sword

Of the few authentic Japanese sword manufacturers, Nihonto stands among the best. Nihonto has been in business for generations, and the secret to their superior quality swords have been passed on from generation to generation. A Nihonto Japanese sword is famous for its quality, reliability and accurate replication of ancient sword aesthetics.

Like a Samurai

A Samurai’s choice of weapon was his trusted sword. It was an honor to be carrying around a fine piece of engineering that would save his life multiple times over the course of his lifetime. And, it was not uncommon for Samurai’s to hone a single blade all their lives. The ancient Katanas were forged meticulously, using the best carbon steel available in order to retain the optimal physical properties of the blade. The blades made in different periods had different composition and characteristics, but were among the best in the world by a large margin.

The blades were hand forged and carefully tempered to ensure that they had the right flexibility. These days modern technology plays a major role in forging blades, and ensures uniformity in blade design and quality while increasing production rates. In ancient times, once it was understood that the blade was structurally sound, it would then be engraved with traditional designs to give it a unique look.

Choosing an authentic Katana online

Buying a real Katana online can be a daunting experience, especially since you cannot inspect the unit in person. However, buying an authentic Katana online is easy when you know where to buy a reliable one from. Buying from professional sword makers will ensure authenticity and credibility. Remember, a good Katana will always set you back by a few hundred dollars at least. Cheaper sword like replicas will cost about $50, which is actually overpriced considering the bad quality of the sword. Staying diligent and alert when buying a new sword will reduce your chances of ending up with a fake sword.

Do check out the swords on sale at, you will certainly find one to match your budget and preferences alike.


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