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Mug is a type of cup that is used to keep coffee hot and retain the temperature of the drinks like hot chocolate, hot soup and other drinks for long period of time. People who love coffee and drink coffee on regular basis, they can easily drink the coffee anywhere and anytime by the use of mugs. When they go to work, they prefer it to take it with them. People can use any type of cups at home for the coffee but they need special mugs to keep them hot at travel. It is not possible to make coffee at anywhere outside the home. Several different kinds of coffee mugs are available in the market which are used to keep coffee hot and taste retain. Mugs differ in their specifications and qualities. Travel mugs can facilitate easily to the coffee lovers. Some of the best travel mugs are as follows:

Planetary designs tumbler mug

It has very slim shape and you feel secure when grip it with the hand. If you do not clean it at the end of the day, it will not create any bad odour in the mug. A screw is located at the plastic cap which has to be removed to take a sip of coffee. It has excellent insulation which keeps the coffee hot for several hours and long period of time.

Zak stainless steel coffee tumbler

This is very comfortable mug which can be easily used without the fear of spill in the car. Open and close button is available on the top of the mug which helps to open the mug with one hand and you can take sip. It keeps the coffee hot  but not for a long period of time. you should drink coffee quickly. It is a wide mug which requires high grip to hold it tightly. It is made up of the stainless steel and is of 16 ounces.

Thermos Raya stainless steel

It is very easy to grab and comfortable to hold. cold drinks remain cool and hot drinks remain hot due to the insulated walls. It can be knocked over quickly. It also has a feature of button to open and close. You can push the button to take sip and when you release button, it will be off. You have to hold the button until you take the sip of coffee. It provides leak proof seal. It is of 18$ in the U.S. it is made up of stainless steel and is of 16 ounces. It has tall and narrow shape.

Copco flair mug

It has a knocking lid which prevents spill. a small plastic flap is available for taking sip easily. It does not help to keep coffee hot for longer period of time. This again is made up of stainless steel. It has a feature of handle by which you can grasp the coffee mug easily. There is a lid on the top of the mug through which you can take sip by clicking and holding to open. After taking the sip, release the button to close the lid. It avoids leakage and spill in the car or in any other traveling source. It is of 16 ounces and available in the market for 16.5$.

Trudeau Sirius travel mug

It has very unique design. you can take sip from anywhere on the lid of the mug. It has sharp plastic edge. This sharp plastic edge does not allow you to take sip easily. Coffee will get cool down quickly in this type of mug.

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