5 Best Secrets to Eating Efficiently

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Eating efficiently is about transforming your body in a solidsystem, in which all tissues and cells getthe necessary elements, intestinal micro-flora is not disturbed, and the toxins are easily removed. Otherwise we can easily get into health problems and low life expectancy. But the effort we should invest for eating efficiently is very little and quite natural. To ensure you maintain, here are five tips for eating properly:

eating efficiently

  1. Don’t mix the food products

Each food product is part of a specific group, and there are six of them. Here is the order:

  • Liquids
  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Grocery
  • Nuts & butter
  • Eggs and dairy products
  • Fish, poultry and meat

You can eat all of them, but it is necessary to keep the proper succession. Moreover, try not to mix products from different groups and eat them separately. For example, if you take a sandwich, in which there is meat, herbs, cheese, and bread, eating all the ingredients separately from each other wouldmake the benefits greater. When you swallow all at once, the body simply cannot generate all the substances necessary to digest it.

  1. Try to eat from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

This rule is one of the best known theoretically and the most ignored practically. The nutritionists claim in unison: you should eat strictly in this period, and it is preferable to do it every two or three hours. At seven o’clock, our stomach, roughly speaking, falls asleep: it works less than half its capacity. Anyone feeling hungry after 6 should suppress hunger: it’s only a bad habit, nothing more. Fixing your meal times will also help with eating efficiently.

  1. There are three poisons that you should avoid: alcohol, sugar, and mushrooms

Obviously, in small doses, they can be inoffensive. But using them in excess or on a regular basis is quite wrong. If everything is clear with alcohol, then sugar and mushrooms are a more subtle story. Firstly, it is necessary to prohibit all the sugar in the form in which we know it; it is obtained with chemical methods and it is just poison. Sugar takes calcium from your body, which leads to premature aging.

As for mushrooms, they are not absorbed by your body. There is nothing useful in them; it is a myth.

  1. Fit the food in your palms

This is actually the size of our stomach in most of the cases. If you eat more, then you load not only the stomach, but also other digestive organs and eventhe lungs; it is difficult to breathe. If you break this rule, you will sooner or later get gastrointestinal problems and even diseases.

  1. Chewing food helps digestion

Chewing foodthoroughly is a simple rule, but is very important. Rapid ingestion of food causes caries, gastritis, stomach ulcers, and obesity. The more we chew, the less remains for our internal organs to absorb, and in this way, losing weight is much easier. If a person chewstheir food 20-25 times instead of 10-15, their calorie diet isreduced by 12%.

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