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It’s no secret: most of today’s industries have gone or are going digital. There’s no wonder why. With so many people surfing the big web, it only makes sense that marketing has gone digital as well. Below, you can find out how going digital has affected the world of digital marketing.

Communication between Buyers and Sellers

Before, it was newspapers, televisions, and phone calls. Now, companies are able to communicate with clients online. Here, you can communicate through ads, or through social media. If, for example, a client has a question to ask of a company or a buyer, he or she doesn’t have to wait around on the phone for hours; instead, a quick email can take about ten minutes to write and the client will receive his or her answer as quickly as possible.

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But direct communication is not the only form of communication between buyers and sellers. A buyer can communicate with clients through ads; wherein, they can display coming products and promotions on websites that prospective clients are likely to visit.

Keep reading to find some of the biggest trends in digital marketing.

Facebook and Digital Marketing

Facebook is a major player in the field of digital marketing. A survey recently discovered that more than seventy percent of retail and consumer good have gotten one or more customers through the social media website, Facebook.

This is, perhaps, because of the option for business to advertise their companies on Facebook, which tempts prospective clients and makes them more likely to buy products online.

Decrease in Marketing Success in Other Industries

More and more, marketers are turning digital because they are seeing a lack of success in other marketing industries; such as, TV and newspaper ads. This is because more people are beginning to go online to stream and conduct daily activities instead of reading a newspaper or watching TV. Not only this, but it costs less to advertise online.

Banking Online

One of the major components to digital marketing is that more than a third of customers in the U.S. are turning to digital banking. This is because online banking is readily available; furthermore, you can access your bank account at any moment. All you have to do is install an app on your phone. When you’re shopping online and seeing advertisements of prospective products to buy, it only makes sense that you’d log into your bank account to move money around or to pay your cards.


Going digital is, quite literally, the way of the future. More and more, people are getting access to online service and are discovering the world of the online web. That is, perhaps, why digital marketing is turning digital so quickly. When you advertise online, you can reach a broader audience for cheaper, and you can do it quickly. While many are turning to digital marketing, there are some who aren’t. If you’re in this situation then you better hurry up so that you don’t get left behind!

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