Five Reasons to Travel to Sri Lanka

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Located in the centre of the Indian Ocean, accessible from many directions, Sri Lanka is a convenient stopover by air and sea. The country’s beautiful natural landscape enhanced by different climatic and topographic conditions offers experiences to suit any type of traveler be they thrill seekers, escapists, pilgrims or the genuinely curious

The country’s palm fringed sandy beaches bordered by the blue waters of the Indian Ocean has been attracting travelers for decades. Although many of them have converted to busy tourist destinations there are still deserted stretches where one can enjoy the sun, sea and sand in perfect privacy. A Villa in Bentota Sri Lanka, in the country’s southern coast offers an unspoilt destination to escape to. The interior of the country is even better than the beaches as it offers an amazing diversity of landscapes and climate that escapists are bound to appreciate. Vast valleys, forest covered mountain ranges, waterfalls, plains and quiet rural areas are a treat for the senses.

Travel to Sri Lanka

For thrill seekers there are plenty of exciting things to do. Coral reefs close to the coast offers divers extraordinary marine life encounters. Calm lagoons and bays are the ideal places to enjoy watersports. The south eastern coast is popular with surfers for its breaks of differing intensity suitable for all experience levels. The beautiful central hill country is becoming increasingly popular as a trekking, cycling, white water rafting and kayaking destination.

Wildlife and nature enthusiasts are bound to be thrilled by the country’s extraordinary biodiversity. National parks, many of which are environmental hotspots, are the best places to discover endemic flora, fauna and birdlife. Camping and glamping can turn wildlife discovery trips into unforgettable experiences. Luxury holiday villas around the country offer families and couples the opportunity to enjoy the country’s environmental diversity from idyllic locations.

Among the most popular visitor destinations are well preserved heritage sites, many of which are UNESCO listed. They offer glimpses into the country’s past and its cultural diversity. Curious travelers will not fail to be enthralled by ancient capitals in the north central plains, Kandy the country’s last kingdom in the central hills and the many historic places of worship. Living monuments like the well preserved 18th century Galle Fort make history come alive.

The Kandy Perehera an annual festival cum pageant tracing its origin from the country’s royal past offers a truly immersive cultural experience. It showcases customs and performing arts traditions of the central highlands. As this torch lit event takes place among the winding streets of the capital of the country’s last kingdom the atmosphere is truly magical. However for many the biggest attraction is the large number of dressed up elephants taking part adding a note of grandeur to a historic event.

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