A brief history of the aquatic CO2 Diffuser

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If you own fish tanks in your homes, then you will understand how important it is to maintain them. Proper maintenance will keep them in good conditions for a greater period. There are a lot of things to be done to keep a fish aquarium. Foremost among them is bubbling extra needed carbon dioxide in the general settings of a tank. This, as we know, can be easily achieved by a CO2 diffuser now.

CO2 diffuser

The innovation of a CO2 diffuser has lessened this burden of frequent checking on carbon dioxide and oxygen level in the tank. But do you know the antiquity behind its invention?


Earlier, when there were no CO2 diffusing techniques, it was tough to maintain the precise level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the aquariums. The maintenance of aquatic plants and fish was a challenging job back then. With insufficient CO2 level in water, lots of problems arose and led to the dying of fish. The increased or decreased, both the levels of CO2 are harmful to the fish. The necessary amount of this gas is 15-30 ppm.

The aquatic plants inside the tank absorb the carbon dioxide and release oxygen, thus disturbing the level of both the gasses. This is not some liquid that one can easily adjust the ratios. The diffusion of gasses is achieved under certain prescribed regulations.

To overcome this serious drawback, a simple machine was first made. This machine played an important role in the fish tank system. It helped in maintaining the balance between the gas absorbed, and the gas consumed. Thus, the innovation of a simple CO2 diffuser which is now available in more intricate designs set things right.

Former CO2 diffusers were home-made and not that efficient in their working as compared to their modern versions.


The present CO2 diffusers are manufactured to consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen in the most efficient way, which is then utilized by the fish in the tanks. This helps the fish in respiration and aids to their survival.

- The modern aquatic CO2 diffusers are very innovative in their designs.
- They are efficient and compact.
- You can easily plant them in your tanks.
- The modern CO2 diffusers are available in different sizes and working techniques.

CO2 diffusers are available in several types: -

1) Plain Ceramic Diffuser: - These CO2 diffusers made of the ceramic surface have a high-efficiency level of almost 85%.
2) Spiral Ceramic Diffuser: - They are quite similar to the conventional diffusers with added spiral body. They have an efficiency level of 90%.
3) Air Stone Diffuser: - These diffusers use a perforated stone and are a very modern form of diffusers.
4) Bell-type Diffusers: - Small and compact in size, easily adjustable inside the tank, these diffusers are in huge demand nowadays.

You have a wide range of collection out there if you are planning to gift your fish a CO2 diffuser this time in the tank. The accurate specifications and descriptions of the diffusers play an important role in decision-making.

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