Explain the meaning of a Topographical Survey?

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Land surveying firms and civil engineers provide different kinds of services, and topographical survey is one of such services. This survey has been conducted to check natural and manmade features of a land. Different kinds of civil engineering surveys are carried out to create map of a land. However, topographical survey is completely different from such surveys. It aims to determine the changes that have been taken place over a land by a certain course of time. For such surveying, modernized devices or machineries are used. For example, GPS enabled devices and EDM are used for such surveys.

Necessary Information on a Land

For carrying out a construction, primarily a developer requires a piece of land. When the land has been chosen, one can plan the construction job over it as per the plan. Now, choosing a perfect land is important for this regard. Different lands are suitable for different projects. It is not easy to understand feasibility and suitability of a land for a certain project with bare eyes. For this reason, topographical survey has been carried out. With this survey, a lot of information about a piece of land can be derived. It says about different features of the land so that developers can understand the suitability of the land for their projects.

Changes Done to a Land

Topographical survey has been conducted to identify and to register the changes that have been done to a land. Changes could be manmade or they could have been done naturally. These changes stay hidden and they are impossible to identify without topographical survey. This is why topographical survey plays a major role in real estate or building construction industry. It reveals hidden information of a land, and thus helps the developers to understand the negative sides of the land. According to the information, architects or engineers plan the construction project. In other way, it enhances accuracy in the project planning process significantly.

Clear Image of Land and Surrounding Area

With topographical survey, clear image of the land and its surrounding area can be attained. This information is vital to check feasibility of a certain project. In some cases, surrounding area is not considered as perfect for commercial building projects. In some cases, surrounding is not considered as perfect for the residential building projects. Builders can judge the project feasibility by checking information on the land and surrounding area through information derived from topographical surveys.

Location of the Existing Features

A land comes with some existing features that can help a project immensely. With topographical survey, these existing features can be identified with ease. It helps identifying things, like potholes, trees, bushes, streets, walkways, manholes, etc. Information on these existing features of the land will help the developer to plan construction projects with more precision. Moreover, it will save cost as developer does not have to add certain features that already exist on a land.

Due to all these reasons, it has become a common ritual for the building constructors to conduct topographical survey on a specific land.

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