5 Advantages Of Using White Oak For Wood Burning Ovens

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Neapolitan pizza
White oak is one of the best firewood. It is primarily used in wood burning ovens to cook pizzas. Being easy to burn, it produces high heat and nice scent. Overall, it has an excellent quality in creating flavorful and crusty pizzas.

Hardwood like white oak is the best wood for cooking as it contains high BTU’s that produces high intense heat, which is the perfect requirement for making the most loved pizzas forthe enthusiasts. Here are some advantages of using white oak in wood burning ovens to create delicious cooking results.

  1. White oak burns more slowly.

White oak is best for cooking as it burns longer and more slowlythe other fire wood. The fire produced by this type of wood is much hotter and more intense, which makeit perfect for cooking pizzas. This wood is very dense in nature enabling it to give off more heat which can perfectly create a well-cooked pizza.

  1. Burning white oak produces good aroma.

Burning white oak produces good aroma. You can smell its mild and wonderful scent produced by the burning wood in an oven. It brings out a much flavorful result thatyou will surely love.The heavenly scent and the incredible rich taste of fresh and delicious pizza will make you crave for more.

  1. White oak has high BTU content.

White oak wood contains 8,500 BTU’s per pound and is one of the most efficient types ofwood that is used for heating. Since it produces more heat, it burns for a long time compared to other woods. That is why it is perfect for cooking pizzas especially if you are preparing a lot of them.

Cooking an impeccably delicious pizza requires high heat temperature and the heat produced by white oak is just perfect for this purpose.

  1. White oak produces quality coals.

This wood is an excellent choice for cooking and heating. It burns so hot and produces a good amount of quality coals necessary for cooking pizzas evenly. The heat produced by the coals will provide the Neapolitan pizza with crispy crust and will cook the rest of the ingredients perfectly. It will bring out the best flavors and will make your pizza purely oozing with melted mozzarella.

  1. White oak produces clean smoke.

White oak is the best wood for cooking pizzas as it produces clean smoke. When burned properly, it will not smolder. The smoke sometimes provides a smoky flavor to the food. It will then denature the supposed fresh and delicious aroma. But the white oak’s clean smoke will retain the pizza’s natural taste and quality.

If you always want to cook the best pizza, remember that the quality of fire will also determine the quality of the food. White oak is the answer. Use this type of wood, because it is an excellent choice to burning ovens.It only produces enough intense heat, which is the primary requisite to perfectly cook pizzas.

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