Protect Your Identity With Identity Guard!

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Recently, identity guard was rated the best for the protection of your identity from theft. Read on to find out why!

The basic highlights:

The first and the most important highlight is the fact that the plans are quite diverse. For the first month, you will have to pay $5, but after that, the different plans range from $9.99 to even $24.99 for a month. Basically, there are three plans; all of them for adults. However, if you also want coverage for your child, then you can add that for just $9.99 for one kid.

All of the plans are extensively comprehensive. The differences in the services provided to you are inked to the amount of credit bureaus monitored and how often you want a report of everything. There is also a low cost plan known as essentials which is perfect for people that are looking for the $1 million insurance in order to restore their identity. So, if you don’t need reporting and the monitoring of your credit, then this plan is the one for you.

There is also a plan known as ‘for kids.’ Thus plan provides you with assistance in recovery in case of any attack. Monitoring in this case includes financial accounts and public records.


The plans in detail:

Identity guard essentials:

This plan will cost you $9.99 for a month. With the plan, you will receive assistance for identity theft. With this component, if you become a victim of theft of identity, while you are a part of the plan, then you will gain access to highly qualified and experienced experts. These experts are completely dedicated to make the recovery as easy for you as possible. The second component of this plan, the million-dollar insurance for identity, will cover all of your losses due to the theft in identity.

Total protection:

This plan is for $19.99 for a month. In this plan, you receive not only the components of the afore mentioned plan, but you also get extra things as well. The first component is the monitoring of 3-bureau credit. With this, all of your credit profiles are monitored at all the three major agencies on a daily basis. Plus, if any changes are made, like credit cards, loans or mortgages, then you will be notified immediately. You will also gain the credit scores. This means that you will get an update on all of the credit scores. These will be based on the data collected from the credit bureaus. Knowing your credit score before you make a heavy purchase can help you in understanding the type of loan you can qualify for.

Platinum plan:

This will cost you just $24.99 for a month. With this plan, you will receive all the benefits of both of the plans mentioned above. The only difference is the fact that instead of getting updates on your credit score quarterly, you will get them on a monthly basis.

Think about what your budget will allow, and choose the right plan wisely.

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