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Archive for October, 2009

Talk in NYC:

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Those of you in and around New York City might be interested in this talk I’m going to be giving at lunchtime this coming Thursday, Oct. 22. It’s co-sponsored by the Copyright Society of the US and the Internet Society’s NYC chapter, and is my (latest) attempt to get people to think about how we might fashion a copyright law for the Internet age that actually makes some sense (as opposed to the copyright law we actually have, which doesn’t).  [Oh yeah, it's about my book - and why Jefferson sent a moose to Paris, and how we find a "moose" for the Net that will do for us what Jefferson's moose did for him].  I gave a version of this talk last week at the University of Virginia Law School, and I think I can guarantee you a pretty lively discussion — in fact, I’ll be a tad disappointed if fisticuffs do not break out in the audience as a result of some of the ideas I propound.