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China is a very rapidly developing country and is renowned for its superb work culture. It is quite an experience to get an opportunity to work in China. It is an adventure in itself and promises to be the job that will catapult your career towards success.

Every new experience comes bound with its own set of teething problems. Similarly, teaching in China may also have its own small issues. They are very capably handled by immigrations and the school where you are to teach.


.It is good to have a clear idea of what you want to teach and what level suits you best. Teaching positions are available in the kindergarten, primary, middle and high school levels. If you have considerable work experience and have a suitable degree, you might be eligible to teach at college or university.

The requisite skills of a teacher in China

Once you have determined the level you want to teach, be prepared to accept training from your host school about sticking to a predetermined structured curriculum. Try and develop a warm rapport with your English speaking colleagues to create support channels. They will come forward to help you with the local language, accommodation needs if any and with tips on how to deal with Chinese speaking children.

It is definitely an added plus to learn the local language. You may want to take advantage of the free Mandarin lessons provided.

Leadership skills and good class management skills are mandatory to earn the respect and goodwill of the students as well as your colleagues. Flexibility is the corner stone of wanting to work in China. You should be mentally prepared that teaching native English speakers is quite different than teaching English to a different ethnicity. It is a good idea to keep an open mind and persevere to gain the students’ love and affection.

Monetary benefits of working in China

The cost of living is quite low in China, so the $1500-$3000 salary seems adequate to maintain a decent lifestyle. Accommodation is usually provided by the employer, so the salary looks even more attractive. The free air tickets at the end of the tenure and free transfers are interesting perks. There are small additions like a health care insurance scheme to make life easier. There is a provision for performance bonuses that make the proposition of teaching in this country more attractive. Before you sign the deal negotiate for deal makers like paid vacations. The benefit of holding a Z Visa and work permit make life easier for you. The job entails 20 hours a week worth of teaching and leaves you free to explore the cultural melting pot that is China.


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