What is Wrong With Much of Today’s “Music”

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The decline of music as an art generally has been commented on multiple times by cultural philosophers and commentators alike. Rap music constantly gets a cultural pass while appealing in the roughest forms of misogyny in the name of art. While pop music is appearing to involve being a trollop with volume. An extensive analysis of today’s music and its overall impact on modern youth, has resulted in five solid observations about modern music. They are explained below:

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  1. It’s not about content - it’s all about noise

Much of today’s music is not about art, it’s about the noise as it sounds completely indistinguishable from genre to genre. For example, the Korean-language hip-hop mega-hit “Gangnam Style” produced by “Psy” is the most popular song of all time and despite its popularity, almost no one has any idea of what it means. It shows how youth today only cares what he sounds like or what his goofy dance moves look like.

  1. Country music has declined drastically

Country music was traditionally considered to be a form of cowboy and campfire songs - a folk music combined with blues to create a perfect genre that was reflective of rural values and rural culture. And nowadays, country music is only different from rock music because it involves getting drunk outdoors instead of indoors, pickup trucks often making an appearance, and the girls are wearing jeans instead of nothing. The soul of country music has cut out.

  1. The morals of modern music are just plain awful

Every art form sells something, and in case of today’s music - it is selling drugs and sex. The youth are now raised on supposed ‘family-friendly’ singers introduced for public consumption by Disney, and provide teenage girls (and boys) with sexually-charged, provokingly dressed performances, sometimes replete with stripper poles. Such morals of music are just plain awful.

  1. There’s nothing uplifting - it’s all wallowing

In its purest form, art supports mankind to lift his gaze from life’s drudgery and reflect on something more transcendental, something higher, and something bigger than ourselves. Unfortunately, much of today’s music has rendered itself incapable of supporting man’s gaze upwards - now it’s all wallowing in chronic overindulgence, meaningless sex, predictable heartbreak and the skepticism that follows.

  1. Real religious music has been replaced by “praise” music

From beautiful hymns written by humble preachers saved by grace, to great psalms written by medieval men of God, religious music has a grand tradition going back thousands of years. In contrast, today we have what is known colloquially as “worship” or “praise” music. This music has no spiritual depth of the religious music of the past, instead it sounds like a teenage pop song declaring love for God similar to the way a twelve-year old would for another.


Much of today’s music seems to pointlessly revel in disorder while being accepted as seemingly unimportant by most people. Music is everywhere these days, pulsing into our very consciousness, and we should at least pause to evaluate what impact that might be having.

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