What Does A Home Inspection Consist Of?

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Your home inspection is one of the more exciting steps of the home buying process. It’s also generally the final opportunity you’ll have to look through your new house until the final walkthrough. But moreover, it’s your chance to be sure you understand what you’re getting into in regards to the state of the property.

Home inspections may be assuring, exhausting and enjoyable all at the same time. Home inspections don’t only give you an inventory of issues, you need to negotiate together with the seller to repair things. Big problems can potentially make you back out of the deal entirely. It’ll give you a comprehensive report.

Home Inspection

Choosing your inspector

You need to hire a licensed, professional inspector to conduct a comprehensive review. How can you pick one? Get recommendations, assess their reviews that are on-line and study their sites. Make sure they are going to be thorough. Look at:

  • How much do they cost? How many different inspections do they offer (state minimum, basic,


  • Will they analyze for lead paint?
  • How about asbestos in the ceiling tiles?
  • Is that included in the basic inspection, or is it extra?

Most inspectors have been in the same range of $300-$500 anyhow and any

Change is a modest cost to pay for whatever you’ll get. Early in the house buying procedure, begin studying inspectors and have at least a couple in your head. You’ll need to be sure you will get an inspector scheduled inside your contract’s timeline.

Review day

You need to plan on being there the whole time. It is likely that the seller’s broker will likely be there also to answer questions. Block off the whole morning or day. Home inspections take time and you shouldn’t rush it. Follow them where you can. Obviously you don’t need to go up in the crawlspace, but you should go room to room with them.

home inspection in Melbourne

Things to keep in mind:

  • You aren’t being a pest. Follow your inspector around and listen to everything he’s telling you.
  • Ask questions about the property and house.
  • If you doubt them, hire a second inspector.

It’s important that this is done right, so take the time to find the right person and go through everything with them.

They should look in the ceilings in every single room as well as the bottom of the walls. Is there noticeable cracks/shifts in the base? Are trees nearby? Will roots be a problem? Is drainage good outside? Is the cellar damp? Is it insulated?

These are all basic things you inspector better look at. If they skip something, ask them, “does the cellar need to be looked at?” If they refuse or seem like they deliberately didn’t look, hire another inspector who will.


No one can predict the future, but your inspector should be very thorough and take the time to explain every potential problem. If you find them rushing through things or skipping over details, it’s in your best interest to find another inspector. To find someone who is highly experienced at house and property inspections, visit https://www.spipropertyinspections.com.au/.


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