Tragic South LA Accident Claims Life

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A tragic multi-vehicle accident that took place in Southern California unfortunately claimed one life, sending other four to the hospital for treatment of critical injuries. It pains us to say that this isn’t a rare occurrence, as many deadly accidents happen in our beautiful state on a regular basis.

Unfortunately as a car accident lawyer in Pleasanton with decades of experience in the personal injury field, I know firsthand the pain and suffering the families of those who are lost in similar accidents go through. And we would like to remind readers that they should do all in their power to avoid similar occurrences.

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According to a local NBC affiliate, the accident happened in South Los Angeles early Sunday just after 3 in the morning. A black Toyota SUV was trying to make a left turn at the same time a Kia vehicle was traveling southbound on Compton Avenue. Unfortunately, both vehicles collided at the intersection at Gage Avenue, sliding together to the opposite side of the street. Due to the impact, both cars ended up hitting a pedestrian before slamming into a concrete wall. Officials say both cars were following road rules at the time of the accident.

The 28-year-old behind the wheel of the Kia vehicle unfortunately lost his life due to the serious injuries he sustained. He was declared dead at the scene. The three people occupying the SUV were seriously injured. The pedestrian was also hospitalized with serious injuries.

At the moment, officials are looking into the evidence at hand as well as the footage captured by a surveillance camera to determine who was at fault in this accident. Hopefully, the California Highway Patrol will be able to determine exactly what happened and who was to blame so that others may learn from this accident.

It’s tragic that this type of accident occurred and that people were seriously and fatally injured.

To those who are injured, the reality of an auto crash becomes a burden over time as medical bills begin to pile up. Unfortunately, those who are injured aren’t always to blame for these accidents. But instead of being provided with reimbursement by the insurance company, they are often left to fend for themselves.

Many who are injured also miss workdays and some lose their jobs. With the lost wages and sometimes unable to go back to the work force promptly, many face serious financial difficulties. This reality is, unfortunately, true to many. That’s why we do what we do, by fighting for the victims at court if necessary, just so the wrongs committed against them can be made right.

We hope those who were injured in this tragic accident are able to make a full recovery. To those whose loved one was just killed, we hope they are receiving the support they require in this trying time. We know how difficult — and expensive — it is for those who are left behind due to such an unexpected, tragic event.

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