Top Tips Deciding upon a Long Term Disability Attorney

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A disability, injury or illness may leave you or a loved one unemployed or in a state of disarray. In addition, you or the aggrieved person may find it difficult to secure a regular and different source of income to take life forward in the way that it is meant to be. In such a situation, insurance coverage for long term disability comes in handy and allows instant access to that much-needed alternative income source to bank on.

Fortunately, an experienced long term disability lawyer can help you get this form of insurance, make a claim on disability, and gain all those benefits for which you or your employers may have ended up paying dearly for years. Here are some important tips that will aid your search of the perfect long term disability attorney.


It is ideal to opt for a lawyer who practices in the jurisdiction, state or province that you reside in. Before calling upon him to gain his services, do check if the lawyer shortlisted by you is known for practices in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Focus of Practice

Ask for the areas of expertise of your lawyer. Is he an expert or a novice in the fields related to this kind of insurance coverage? Your prospective disability lawyer should be in a position to provide all levels of assistance in the areas of practice that you are looking for.

Method of Billing

What will be the billing process- hourly or on a contingency basis? As most recipients of long term disability find it tough to pay hourly fees for the legal services rendered, or pay their retainers on an upfront basis, they opt for contingency fee billing. This means that the fees would be paid only on the basis of the amount received; this process reduces much of the risk for clients like you.

Relationship and Chemistry

Finally, and most significantly (possibly), you may wish to speak to your prospective attorney to check out the chemistry that you would be sharing in future. You would want to be fitfully guided in your disability claim with care and compassion as the entire process may take a few years to reach its conclusion. Get in touch with a lawyer who is warm and empathetic along with being skilled in this domain of expertise.

All the best for your lawyer hunting efforts!

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