Top 10 Photography Locations for Weddings in Beirut

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Over the last few years, weddings have evolved and couples want to plan their photoshoots at spectacular, picturesque and dreamy locations. This is a guide for you highlighting the most beautiful photography locations for wedding photography in Beirut

  1. Chateau Rweiss – You have the option to choose indoor or outdoor venues here depending upon the month and the hour of the day when the photo shoot is being done. The venue has its own illuminating bay with a splendid decoration. The venue is surrounded by mountains and unique ancient architecture. The traditional look of the venue with its beautiful location makes it a perfect venue for photography.
  2. Domaine De Zekrit – If you plan to get your photoshoot done in the summer months, then this is the ideal place for you. This being at 350 meters above sea level always has a pleasant weather and beautiful view. So, in the stifling summer season when the temperatures start to increase and other venues start to get a little hot, this place still has a pleasant and comfortable weather. This place is lit up beautifully with amazing chandeliers. It is a perfect venue to host a wedding party as it can comfortably accommodate large number of guests.
  3. Four Season Hotels – This is a luxury hotel in Beirut which has genuine and friendly staff. The beautiful floral décor of the hall gives it a look of luxury and sophistication. The dim lighting of this place gives a very romantic look to the venue.
  4. Byblos Sur Mer – This is an outdoor venue with a site where the legends of Adonis Aphrodite united. This venue that is overlooking the beach is perfect for daytime and even nighttime photography. The big waves which come and hit the sides of the venue make it an amazing place to get the pictures clicked. One can also walk by the bay and get photos clicked. At night time, this place gets even more beautiful with its laser lights flashing up in the sky.
  5. Deir Qalla – This is a perfect venue for couples who are in love with nature. With the background of naturally growing trees, monastery and churches, this one gives an out of the box look to the pictures. You should prefer to get pictures clicked at these locations during the daytime when there is enough natural light.
  6. Pigeons Rock Rouche – This place is famous for its sunrise and sunset. You can get beautiful photos at this venue at any time. The lighting of this place is perfect just after sunrise and just before sunset. You can see sea water, huge rocks and clear sky everywhere. It is like a heaven on Earth.
  7. Sanayeh Garden – This garden has lush green grass and one of the most exquisite species of trees and plants. It is advised to get your photo shoot done here during day time in natural lights. This is an ideal place for pre-wedding or post wedding shoot.
  8. Le Royal Hotel – This is a suitable photography location for weddings in Beirut. This place has international standards and décor is also very elegant. This venue can be used both at night time and daytime.
  9. Hilton Hotel – This location has both indoor and outdoor provisions. From the lush green lawns to indoor ballroom, both are perfect for photography due to the perfect lighting.
  10. Saifi village – This location is good for couples who want to get candid photography done for pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots. The traditional look of these streets will give a natural look to all the pictures.

In sync with your photographer, you can select the best location for your wedding photography.

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