Things to know about pregnancy

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Congratulations! You just started the most beautiful journey of your life.  Just found out im pregnant and things are very scary for you. You felt happy and scared at the same time.  You feel there are so many things to do in short time. Of course, you believe you don’t know anything about pregnancy.

Do not worry; every future mother feels the same way, but, in the end, everything works out in a beautiful way. These are some things that you should know about pregnancy:

Not only this but I’m here to share with you things and some tips to do as soon as you just found out im pregnant! I’m on my 2nd pregnancy, and throughout the primary, I used to be just so filled with delight that I did not feel about some of those matters. However, now that I’m at the center of my 2nd pregnancy, I’ve understood there are many things that when you find out you are pregnant, after which during pregnancy, you will need to do.

Below are some tips and suggestion for a healthy pregnancy.  These tips will help you during the entire period of pregnancy.

  • It’s okay to feel scared. Yes, really. This does not make you a bad mother, and it will not last forever. It is a new beginning for you, and somehow you have to find a way to welcome a new human being in your life. The good news is that once you hold your baby, you will forget about all the negative feelings that you had.
  • Pregnancy is not always beautiful. Alright, I know you dream about a pregnancy where you always feel good and your skin is glowing, but, in reality, things are not always like this. You will feel nausea. Your legs will hurt and at some point, you will not be able to sleep well because of your belly. The good news? It’s normal, and it will be worth it in the end.
  • Your body will change. At some point you will feel like your body does not belong to you anymore, and that you have to change all your habits. You have a strange appetite, and if you did not like pickles before, now you probably eat them with ice cream. Look at the good side: you will discover new foods, and you have the chance to eat whatever you want without thinking about your body weight.
  • It’s your right to decide what to do. On a serious note, you have to understand from the very beginning that no one has the right to tell you what to do during this time. Many people will give you pieces of advice on what to do, what to eat when to eat and what doctor to see. While it’s good to take their opinions into consideration, you don’t have to let them make the decision for you.
  • It will change your life. Of course, in a right way. This time is magical for you, so you should enjoy every moment of it!

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