The Origins of Wedding Sparklers

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For as long as anyone can remember, people have been using sparklers to help them celebrate important events. There are obvious events like Independence Day which come to mind, but people also use sparklers for birthdays, New Year’s Eve, and many other occasions. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that so many people have started using them at weddings as well. Weddings are a magical event to begin with, so adding sparklers can only make it better.

36 inch wedding sparklers

However, the sparklers that are used at weddings are vastly different than those used for other types of events. There are also many different types of wedding sparklers available, and each type is suited for a specific application. But to fully understand why wedding sparklers exist and what they actually are, we must start at the beginning of the story and know their origins.

Origin Story

Wedding sparklers were first conceived of in 2002 when a bride, who shall remain nameless, attended a wedding while she was planning her own. The wedding had the bright idea to use sparklers when the couple exited their chapel, but they were very low quality so they broke apart and created too much smoke for the photographer to capture any good pictures. Worst of all, a piece of one of the crumbling wedding sparklers fell onto the bride’s dress permanently burning a hole in it and destroying her keepsake forever. The witnessing bride had a bright idea, to find sparklers that were constructed well and created as little smoke as possible to be sold specifically for weddings.

What Exactly Are Wedding Sparklers?

Though wedding sparklers look almost exactly like the ordinary ones you’ve used all of your life, they have a few key differences in their construction that make them perfectly suited for weddings. First off, they are at least double-dipped, if not triple-dipped, so they don’t fall apart as they burn. The cheap sparklers you find at your local fireworks shops are typically only dipped once to be as inexpensive as possible. Second, they have a steel wire core that doesn’t emit any smoke as it burns. This is important since sparklers with wooden cores will create too much smoke for quality photos as they burn. And lastly, they shouldn’t contain any color pigments. Color pigments also create smoke, so a true wedding sparkler will only come in one color; gold.

Types of Wedding Sparklers

Though there are a few different types of wedding sparklers, the most popular are the standard stick versions and come in 3 sizes. The most popular size by far are 36 inch wedding sparklers because they last the longest and are the best value for your money. 10 inch and 20 inch versions are popular as well, especially for couples looking to save money. However, you can also get sparklers in different shapes like hearts, stars, or numbers, and there are even wedding sparklers designed to be attached to your champagne bottles or placed on each tier of your wedding cake.

The key attributes of wedding sparklers is that they are made well and won’t create any smoke. No top of that, you can find a sparkler for any application that you have in mind; even for your champagne bottles or wedding cake. Just make sure you buy from a reputable company and that what you’re purchasing is sparklers designed specifically for weddings because too many unscrupulous companies out there are just repackaging the cheap sparklers that you buy at your local shops.

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