Techniques of Drying Curly Hair

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Many ladies fail in drying curly hair and end up with fluffy hair. If you follow proper drying techniques, then you will surely get beautiful and bouncy curls which will last the whole day. Women with curly hair find it tiresome to keep caring for their hair as it is quite a hassle to make any hairstyle with look successful. So they have to straighten it up and then go for styles which result in hair breakage and damage the hair. No matter what products you will choose for your hair, try to you make sure the results are satisfying and healthy looking, and curls hold throughout the day.
drying curly hair

Drying curly hair properly will help to eliminate frizz; breakage must be prevented and tangles reduced as much as possible. If you still think you don’t need a hair dryer specifically designed for curly, at least try to follow some of the techniques below so that you will love your curly hair.

Home methods


It is one of the simplest and easiest ways of drying curly hair. Hair stylists suggest you swap towels with an old t-shirt. When your hair is wet, you just wrap an old t-shirt around your hair but remember not to twist. Using a towel may break your and cause it to frizzy. However, you do not need to keep wrapped t-shirt around the head instead of using towels.


Diffusing is one of the popularmethods of drying curly hair. It is an easy and a quick technique that hair stylists always stress on when using a hair dryer. The best dryer for curly hair should absolutely come with a diffuser attachment. The diffuser attachment will help to shape your curls and protect the hair from heat damage.

Best HairDryer

  • A dryer with the diffuser attachment is the best recommended for drying curly hair.
  • Buy a dryer with ionic, tourmaline or ceramic technologies.
  • Negatively charged ions generatedby ionic dryers help to dry your hair by shrinking water. These dryers are fast and pass less heat.
  • The ceramic dryers use ceramic coils instead of metal coils and provide much heat to the hair.
  • Tourmaline dryers produce negative ions with the help of tourmaline stones present in the heating element if the dryer.
  • A cool button is necessary for the dryer because it will lock your hairstyle into place.
  • The motor of the dryer must bepowerful and shpuld at least feature 1500 watts.
  • Heat and speed settings must be variable so theuser can change the settings according to their needs.


The dryers possessing any of the three technologies above will be very useful for drying curly hair. Theyprovidethe followingbenefits:

  • Leaves your hair wavy and less frizzy
  • Good for long hair.
  • Makes the hair smooth and shiny
  • Can also help to straight curly hair
  • Suitable for thin, damaged and thick, coarse hair


Many of the best hairstylists use the same dryers because of the suitable settings they feature as they are more comfortable to use and make the styling easy. They do not burn the scalp or the roots and make drying curly hair quick. The heat damage level is reduced to the minimum and thus the hair becomes healthier and way less frizzy.


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